Certification - Birth Doula

Birth Ways International Birth Doula Certification Requirements

  • Minimum 16 hour BWI Birth Doula Training workshop (including prerequisites).
  • Tour of hospital, preferably where you’ll be working.
  • Minimum 4 hours breastfeeding seminar provided by an IBCLC or professional breastfeeding counsellor, in person or online.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 peer-supported breastfeeding meetings (e.g. LLL meeting, mothering circle).
  • Attend a minimum of 3 births after doula training (one may be a caesarean birth).  For each birth, submit forms for:
    1. Client feedback
    2. Doula report
    3. Feedback form from an experienced birth professional (senior doula, nurse, midwife, or physician)
Note: Papers are to be submitted as completed so your instructor can provide feedback, answer questions, and debrief while the clients are still fresh in the doulas mind.

  • Attend a child-birth education series, minimum 10 hours, from a professional childbirth educator as a doula-observer e.g. Bradley, Birthing From Within, Hypnobirthing, public health, or private classes. 
  • Read and submit book report from five books on the BWI Reading List.  Other birthing books or educational videos may be considered; please ask your trainer.
  • Submit a list of pregnancy, birth and postpartum resources local to your area.
  • Read, understand and sign:  Scope of Practise, Code of Ethics, and Social Media Policy.
  • Submit a paper demonstrating an understanding of scope, ethics, integrity, and insight.  Describe what you would do in various circumstances (scenarios are provided). 
  • Order the BWI Birth Doula Certification Package and pay the certification fee.  Fees include the package with forms to document all requirements, feedback from your BWI trainer, processing all documents, and your official BWI Birth Doula Certification once all the steps are complete. 

 There is no membership fee.  There’s no need to repeat the entire certification process as long as you are an active doula or participating in continuing education (details with cert pack). 

* There are modifications or equivalents available for rural doulas, in case some of these requirements aren’t available locally.  Please ask your trainer for details.

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