Saturday, 8 October 2016

Benefits of In-Person Birth Doula Training (vs. Online)

There’s quite a difference in doing Birth Doula training in person versus online.  We love virtual classes and even teach a few, but would not recommend it for this particular work.  However, there are some advanced doula classes that could be good online such as business details, writing birth-plans, advocacy – things that aren’t hands-on. 

Here are some of the things you’ll gain through an in-person BWI Birth Doula workshop. 
  • Interaction with the other students; we learn from each others’ questions and comments
  • Hands-on training & practise that are SO important to birth support work e.g. massage techniques, acupressure points, touch-comfort measures.  Practice on several different bodies.
  • Focus on working in scope, and working in harmony with other care providers (doulas, MW, MD, RN, family members)
  • Handling some of the equipment you’ll use or see being used at births e.g. massage balls, rebozos, monitors, equipment used in local hospitals
  • Proper gloving and ungloving practise
  • Training exercise for experiencing contractions, and teaching your clients to cope
  • Hands on practise with helping women into different positions for labour and birth stages
  • Looking at a real placenta (at most classes; in some cases we don’t have one donated for teaching)
  • Group-synergy.  This one is a little hard to pin-point, and kind of organic.  It seems in some classes there’s some kind of general experience is meant to be had.  E.g. at one training several of the women had personal experiences that lead to pelvic floor issues.  One of the participants had an innovative method for dealing with this professionally, and brought in some interesting equipment and instruction to share at lunch.
  • Getting to know women in your area doing birth work, and local resources.  Learning ways to connect even if you’re in a small community working alone.
  • More frank discussion.  Sometimes there’s a big difference in what people will say in person vs what they’ll put out there online for all the world to see/hear over and over again.  Sharing of birth stories falls into this category.  Our circle is a safe place for sharing.
  • Special closing circle.
At the end of the weekend, you’re ready to start taking clients.

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